E-Namzari starts through online with transparency, the services are there

Online application facility for several services has been introduced so that customers do not have to visit the land office or related offices to get various services in the land offices. From today, all land registration works will be completed online, which is called e-Namzari.

Land Secretary Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman said that in order to reduce the suffering of people and avoid complications, it is planned to take the registration fees like e-Namzari application and notice fee only online after approval of the record correction and Khatian supply fee.

E-Namzari starts through online with transparency, the services are there

As a result, from 30th September onwards, record correction and khatian supply fee can no longer be paid manually or in cash after approval of the name. Fees must be paid online.

The secretary said that this initiative has been taken to ensure that no one spends extra money for naming or correcting errors.

If you buy a land, you have to register it in your own name. This means that the land is registered in your name at the registrar of the Government Land Office.

According to sources from the Ministry of Lands, the Bangladesh government prepares land ownership title deeds or Mauza maps and khatians every 10 or 15 years through land survey.

If there is a change in ownership of the land after the survey, such as when the owner inherits the land after the death of the owner or if the real owner or heirs buy, sell or transfer the land, the new ownership or land ownership information of the land needs to be updated.

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